In addition to what we keep in stock, we order in 1x a month.
Orders go in the 2nd Wednesday of every month, deadline is 6 pm that day.

We do have the following guidelines:

1/2 down deposit is required on any order, that must be paid before the order goes in. Payment can be either by cash, check or credit card (processing fee will be applied)

order pick up is always the 3rd week of the month, (from Wednesday-Friday) and your order MUST be picked up that week. I do not have the room to house lots of additional product. Only exception will be, you making other arrangements when paying deposit.

The link below will let you see what we have to offer.
Reminder, this is a BULK food site. So, anything special ordered, will require you taking the ENTIRE amount that product comes in. No expectations!!!

with the link below, you can view what the site has to offer, but cannot see pricing. So please either screenshot the item/s you're looking for or provide the product code number. Then contact Kim at 989-413-7128 for pricing & details.