About Us

Cori was born in the country & grew up farming.... riding on a tractor before he could walk.

His saying is, "he was country, before being 'country' was cool."

He spent his childhood helping his dad farm their property, cutting firewood, tending animals (was a part of 4H in school) and was an avid hunter. After high school Cori worked for a couple farmers, before getting property and working for himself full time. The road has been very hard, but despite the hardships there is something about farming that is rewarding.

We now raise a few jersey milk cows, pigs, & have hay fields. Cori is also a dealer for 2 livestock feed companies. Both MI owned!

Kim was born and raised in the country and grew up in the kitchen. She has vivid memories of demanding to help with the dishes (of all things) at a very young age and kneading bread with her mother while standing on a kitchen chair. Kim's mom always told her how much her mom (Kim's grandma) meant to her and what she learned from her. So baking has been in Kim's blood right from the start. Kim loves trying new recipes, ingredients and loves to keep the family well fed!

Cori and Kim met later in life, but hit it off and make a great team. They were married in 2021. Everything Cori does, reflects him 100% and the store reflects Kim 100%. The store was initially a joke between them, about a "someday when we retire, we are going to own a bulk store, sit on the porch and wait for customers". Well that quickly (not even 2 weeks later) turned into reality, and within 3 months, had a building, were stocked & open for business in 2021. And unfortunately, we don't get the pleasure of just sitting on the porch waiting for customers.... Maybe someday.

Our son, Colt is a huge fan of all things farming and a huge foodie! He's got the best of both of us. Colt loves all our farm animals and has his very own laying chickens. He helps his parents with projects around the farm, gets cooking lessons and has a huge love of learning. He's like a little talking encyclopedia with everything he remembers.

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