Enjoy Excellent Eggs Everyday

Select from our farm fresh eggs in Durand, MI

When you eat fresh food often, you can taste the difference when you eat processed eggs. Don't settle for a bland breakfast. All the farm fresh eggs at Back to Basics Store are harvested by our youngest team member, Colt. He raises these chickens himself and feeds them locally sourced grains so that we can produce the best non-GMO eggs possible.

Experience the farm fresh difference

After eating store-bought eggs for the majority of your life, you may not know the difference in farm fresh eggs. They're frequently chosen over store-bought eggs because they're:

  • From free-range chickens that eat organic grains
  • Higher in nutritional value because they are from healthier chickens
  • Known for having rich, vibrant yolks and firm, clear whites

All our eggs are refrigerated until sold, maximizing their freshness for you. All proceeds go to 8-year-old Colt, who buys hen feed and straw for the coop. Stop by today to taste the difference of non-GMO eggs.

Contact Us

Hi! My name is Colt and I am 8 years old!

For my 7th birthday I asked my dad and step mom for chickens, so they helped me get the old chicken coop ready. I carefully added fresh straw and couldn't stop talking about getting chicken the weeks leading up to my birthday. Finally, I came home to the surprise of 15 isa browns in my chicken coop!!! (That's me holding one in the picture the day I got to meet them). I take care of feeding & watering them. And collecting and washing the eggs and packaging them just for you!
A note from his parents: we are calling them "Gramps farm fresh eggs" as our son is an old soul and we affectionately call him "gramps". Hence the name of his business.
All proceeds go to Colt to buy hen feed & straw for the coop and then he saves the rest.
Chickens are fed organic, non gmo feed & get to roam all day outside in the sunshine for insects in the grass.
$5.00 per dozen (please save the cartons)